What you can learn about team management from Gareth Southgate

England teamIt’s fair to say England is riding on something of a high this summer – the weather’s hotter than Brazil and England have their best chance to get to the semi-finals since the 1990 World Cup (although probably best not to talk too much about Brazil and England just yet!).

One of the key players in this phenomenon is Gareth Southgate – the man, the myth and the legend in the making. Much has already been written about him and his extraordinary talent for keeping his team together and working as a unit – and enjoying it immensely if their social media and interviews are anything to go by. Somehow Southgate has managed to accomplish what many other England managers have failed to do and foster a lovely team spirit in a group of footballers whose only real passion seems to be the game and playing funny pranks on each other. So how can you learn from him and create a workplace phenomenon yourself?

Read our top 4 tips below to apply the ‘Southgate touch’ to your team.

  1. Make the right appointment

If Gareth Southgate is England’s MD then his incredibly capable Operations Manager is the wonderful ‘golden boot contender’ Harry Kane. As the world cup is proving, the best thing Southgate could have done was to appoint Harry Kane captain of his young talented squad. Kane quite literally lives and breathes the game, hiring a nutritional chef to look after him during the football season and with any free time he gets you can find him on the golf course rather than falling out of a club at 3 AM. At a time when the job industry is changing – having a relatable, likeable manager is so important in cultivating an enjoyable work environment. How many people have you met that have said they left their former job due to management?

  1. Create an open and transparent environment

For the first time ever in an England team Southgate is encouraging them to open up about how they feel and what’s going on in the team’s training. The players are using social media, video interviewing each other – they’ve even adopted the lion emoji for most of their posts. This open culture screams modern work place and shows the importance in using social media to show off your workplace. In an increasingly candidate-driven job market you need to show off your work place and culture and market yourself to potential candidates. This can also humanise you to your clients and win you work, what’s not to like!

  1. Inspire Loyalty with benefits and fun

This is very similar to the point above but companies now need to think very carefully about how they operate. Nowadays people are very content to work more than 37.5 hours a week when they love their job and are loyal to the company. Work is less about going to work than wanting to go to work and therein lies the difference. Great benefits attract the best people, this can be anything from childcare to flexible working hours to happy hour Fridays and company outings. You’ve probably seen the pictures of our England team playing on unicorn pool floats and didn’t they look like they were having fun!

  1. Give your employees a break when they need it

It’s not something the British love to talk about but mental health is increasingly talked about in today’s society and it should be. The absolute best thing an employer can do is offer the help and support a worker needs and being open. Southgate has brought in psychologists to help his team and while penalty shootouts are probably something you wouldn’t want focused on in a professional workplace it shows his maturity in dealing with something head on – and it worked! Did you know the penalty shootout against Colombia was our first shootout win in a major tournament since 1996? Lots of companies offer mental health days for their employees to sit back and take a breather.

All in all it’s fair to say that Gareth Southgate is managing what fans thought was the impossible and looking incredibly dapper in his trademark waistcoat to boot. Having gone through exactly what his players are going through lends Southgate an approachable knowledgeable air and it’s never looked rosier for England – maybe making some changes to your workplace will make the future rosier for you too!

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