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  • Dealing with a Recruitment Consultancy – How does it work best for you?

    Having dealt with candidates on a daily basis for many years, we consistently come across their confusion as to how a consultancy actually works.  In order to clarify this, we have outlined the recruitment process below:  Stage 1:  Candidate attraction   Once a recruitment consultant is requested by a client to recruit for a vacancy […]

  • 10 Tips for Successful Telephone Interviewing

    While we have seen an increase in the use of Skype and other video based technology it would seem that the use of the Telephone Interview is back on the rise. It is an inexpensive method for judging cultural and or behavioural fit and is often the first stage in recruitment processes; Forming the backbone […]

  • Interview questions

    You’ve submitted your CV, made it through the initial screening process, researched the company – now you’re ready for the interview. With so much competition in the job market, this is your opportunity to demonstrate you’re the best person for the position. The way you handle yourself during the interview is only one of several […]

  • Cover letter tips

    In today’s electronic age it is easy to forget the basic courtesies of applying for a job. E-mailed applications should be treated no differently to posted applications and the importance of a covering letter should never be under-estimated. This is your chance to make personal contact and provide a link between yourself and the position […]

  • Assessing a job offer

    No matter what your reason for seeking employment, searching for a job is hard work, especially in these challenging economic times. Searching through on-line job boards, newspaper advertisements, researching companies, sending out CVs and attending multiple interviews can be a lengthy process. When your hard work finally pays off, you will no doubt be delighted […]

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